'Mnangagwa is illegal as President, we must undo this disgrace' - Mugabe (VIDEO)

Zimbabwe's former leader Robert Mugabe said President Emmerson Mnangagwa is illegal where he is and the disgrace must be undone.

He added that he never thought the new president would turn against him.

Mugabe denounced Mnangagwa's move to oust him last year as a coup, in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

The 94-year-old ruled Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 until he stepped down under pressure from Mnangagwa's allies in the army in November.

Viewed by some as a liberation hero, others remember Mugabe for turning a promising country into an economic basket case and international pariah.

Mnangagwa, deputy president under Mugabe, has promised to open up Zimbabwe to foreign investment and mend ties with the West since assuming power.

"I never thought he whom I had nurtured and brought into government ... that one day he would be the man who would turn against me," Mugabe said in the interview with South African state broadcaster SABC from Harare.

Mugabe said he was ousted in a "military takeover" and that Mnangagwa had assumed the presidency illegally.

"I don't hate Emmerson, I brought him into government. But he must be proper, he is improper where he is. Illegal," Mugabe said. "We must undo this disgrace, which we have imposed on ourselves. We don't deserve it."

"Zimbabwe doesn't deserve it. We want to be a constitutional country. Yes, we may have our shortcomings here and there. But overall we must obey the law. People must be chosen to be in government in the proper way."

"Currently, I am isolated," Mugabe concluded.
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