‘No big boy for bush’: Nigerian soldier shows how he sleeps in the jungle (PHOTOS)

A gallant soldier fighting Boko Haram terrorists in the northeast  has revealed how he sleeps in the bush. 

According to Idowu Adewale, showed us a sneak peek into his life on battle field.

He says he prefers to sleep in a trench than to sleep on a mattress because there is ‘no big boy in the bush’.

Idowu shared pictures of himself ”chilling” in his space while staying alert in order to stay alive.

Below is what he shared on Facebook:

“I prefer to sleep inside the trench than to sleep on a big Mouka form bcuz Jungle don’t no Big man, Be alert stay alive, no Big boy for Bush.

“Life of a Soldier in the Bush.

JunGleBoi Death……………….. Machine………………… *GoToJunGleAndBecomeAFullMan* *StayAliveBeAlart*”

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