Popular singer caught having sex in a car with another lady 8 days after welcoming a child with his wife (PHOTOS)

A popular musician has been caught having sex by the roadside, just 8 days after welcoming a child with his wife.

Old Kampala police arrested Ugandan singer Barbie Jay for allegedly having sex in public.

The crooner, who is currently detained at Lubaga Police Station, according to a police statement, parked his car by the roadside and started making love with a woman whose identity was not revealed.

The couple was busted in a night operation conducted by police, and they were found near FUFA House along Mengo Hill Road.

His arrest came after suspicious passersby about the deserted car that kept on shaking.

Police that was on patrol was tipped off and raided the car.

Popular for songs like “Bodylicious”, “Tulaba Kuki”, when interviewed by police, he denied that he was having sex.

Rather, he said that he had been waiting for a friend and on feeling hot, he decided to undress. 

He was found wearing only pants, and the woman’s skimpy dress was raised high above the thighs, said police.

Police said he been charged for having sex in public space.

On March 4, the singer took to social media to share a picture of his new baby with the caption: “OK.. Family plz join me as we welcome Urbane Hitler Buyinza on planet Earth. He just landed on Friday 2nd-3-018. Just hit a like for him…."

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