Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo declares his intention to run for governor of Enugu under APC

Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo has declared his intention to contest the forthcoming governorship election in Enugu State as an APC candidate, saying the administration of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state has nothing to show for its fours years in office.

Okonkwo declared his candidacy over the weekend during the expanded stakeholders meeting of the APC, Enugu state Chapter.

The actor said: “My people made that move, called me and I said God forbid that I will quench your spirit. I said I am going to present myself in line with the wishes of my people for this post to be the governor of Enugu state 2019 and I so present myself.

“I want you to understand that it is beautiful when you are coming under a party that you have perused the constitutional aims and objectives and you have ensured that those objectives are compatible with your own aims and objectives as a politician.

“In APC, our aim is to build a nation that will grantee political stability, mutual and peaceful co-existence, respect and understanding and equal opportunity for all. We are here to render selfless at all levels of governance that will guarantee people a sense of nationality and patriotism. And I have found those beliefs compatible with my own. I, Dr. Kenneth Okonkwo, hereby present myself to be the gubernatorial candidate of this party.”

“It is easy to win against a non-performing person; it is easy to win somebody whose greatest achievement is billboards and posters.

“We are not talking about refurbishment, we are talking about legacies,” while challenging anybody from Nsukka to point out any legacy project that the current administration has done. “So if it is not done in Nsukka zone where he comes from, I don’t need to ask other zones.

“We want to deploy such input and creativity to create legacy projects that Nsukka people can be proud of. That is why they said I must proceed to contest for the governorship of Enugu state come 2019 and we will win,” the actor said.

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