Manchester City star apologises to Usain Bolt after asking him how many girls he has slept with (VIDEO)

Raheem Sterling has been forced to apologise to world record holder Usain Bolt after a YouTube prank took a lewd turn.  The Manchester City star appeared in a video alongside popular online personality KSI. 

The pair then sent messages to a number of contacts in each other’s phones.

Sterling soon regretted his decision to suggest KSI should message Bolt after the YouTube star asked the sprinter how many women he had slept with.

‘Nothing weird,’ Sterling told KSI. ‘He’s calm to be fair, as long as it’s not anything strange.’

Bolt replied almost instantly, asking Sterling: ‘What??’  The Manchester City star then rang the sprinter to say sorry. ‘It’s cool, it’s cool,’ Bolt reassured the forward.

Earlier in the video, KSI had messaged Sterling’s City team-mate Kevin De Bruyne with a joke about the England star’s future.

‘Yo fam, don’t tell anyone but I was thinking of leaving the club this season, what you think? I’m just not enjoying Man City anymore,’ he wrote.

Sterling found the message hilarious but both he and De Bruyne will be strictly business on Wednesday when Pep Guardiola’s side take on Liverpool at Anfield in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final.

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