Mugabe refuses to remove his property from State House

Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace are refusing to remove their property, including furniture and other valuables, from State House — meaning that his successor Emmerson  Mnangagwa still has no official residence.

This follows after Grace made sensational claims — that her farm had been invaded  some of their valued possessions also known as Zimbabwe House in an effort to garner sympathy

Since his rise to power, Mnangagwa still has to move into the official State residence and remains at his  modest home in the northern suburbs of Harare, which security officials have said both unsafe and unsuitabl

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba, confirmed yesterday that  Mugabe and his wife were taking their time to make way for the new sheriff in town.

“The last time I checked, president Mnangagwa was still to access Zimbabwe House, and the former president was still clearing his things from there,” he said.

On claims that some of the Mugabes’ property had gone missing, he said:

“It’s not being  suggested that a man who hasn’t taken occupancy of a State property is held responsible for items whose inventory is only known to the key-keeper who is taking his sweet time to clear?

“By the way, it’s interesting that the computer theft story has moved from Mazowe to  Zimbabwe House. It is also interesting that a whole batch of donated computers were stolen a few years back during the former’s incumbency”.

Last week, Grace told the media that laptops and other valuables had been stolen from her Mazowe business hub during an invasion by artisanal miners looking for gold at the mineral-rich Smithfield Farm.

However, both the government and the miners have strongly disputed her claims.

Source: Daily News

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