Nigerian coach and 2 athletes disappear at the Commonwealth Games in Australia

Two Nigerian coaches, including the coach of the Nigeria Weightlifting Federation and one athlete, have disappeared in Australia after the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

90 athletes represented Nigeria at the just concluded Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast Australia.

The first batch of the Nigerian athletes that competed at the games, arrived in Abuja, Nigeria on Wednesday.

As the other batches get ready to return to the country, it has been revealed that the coach of the Nigeria Weightlifting Federation has disappeared.

Another coach in special sports and a 200m sprinter have also disappeared according to Mohammed Yahaya, the President of the Nigeria Weightlifting Federation.

“This is very embarrassing to us because as a head coach, I expected him to act like father to the athletes. But our head coach disappeared into the thin air even before the Games were concluded,” Yahaya told Guardian Nigeria.

These disappearances join the long list of African athletes that have gone missing during or after international competitions.

Just in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, eight Cameroonian athletes were declared missing after they abandoned their camp during the games and fled.
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